Dealing with Disparaging Online Articles

Strata committee members and strata managing agents of owners corporations are often subject to disparaging commentary published in various online locations, such as news sites, review sites and blogs. This can be more damaging than print articles, which can be expected to have less impact over time, as they remain available online indefinitely, including to persons seeking information about the scheme through search engines.


The Sydney Metro Rail Project - Does it affect you?

Property owners, including owners corporations and their strata managing agents, have been receiving letters from Transport for NSW (“TfNSW”) in relation to the Sydney Metro rail project.


Pre 1974 Schemes and the Centre Line Rule

For owners corporations with a strata plan registered prior to 1 July 1974, things work a bit differently than for other schemes. There are important differences regarding what is common property and what owners corporations and lot owners are responsible for.


Mixed Use Developments and Complex BMC Arrangements

Mixed Use Developments are increasingly popular with both the residential and commercial sectors in the current Sydney property market. Essentially they involve a combination of various types of uses in the one building or complex.


'The Bad Stuff is Cheap': Apartment Boom Leaves Sydney Facing 'Dire Consequences' if Fire Hazards Left Unaddressed

Years of record highrise building on Australia’s east coast has had an unintended consequence – the creation of buildings with fire hazards that experts warn are costly to fix but too risky to leave unattended.

Request to the Minister to Extend Aluminium Cladding beyond the Two Year Warranty


Aluminium Cladding - Dealing with the NSW Cladding Taskforce Request

In the wake of the devastating London Fire, NSW Fair Trading is finally taking action concerning non-compliant aluminium cladding.  It has formed the NSW Cladding Taskforce and is writing to owners in the form of the attached letter requesting owners to among other things:

Claims for Damages Against Owners Corporations

We have observed an increase in claims against owners corporations for alleged failures to repair and maintain common property.

How do you get Approval for Airbnb in your Unit?

There has been a lot of contention over Airbnb and similar type letting arrangements within Strata Schemes.  The recent Parliamentary Inquiry into the Adequacy of Regulation for Short Term Holiday Letting which rejected calls to ban Airbnb within strata schemes, has not been challenged by the NSW Government in its recent preliminary responses to the Inquiry.

What Can an Owners Corporation do to Regulate or Prohibit Airbnb?

On 19 April 2017, the NSW Government supported the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Adequacy of Regulation for Short Term Holiday Letting handed down in October 2016 which rejected calls to allow owners corporations to ban Airbnb letting within strata schemes.

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