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David Bannerman


David Bannerman is the principal of Bannermans Lawyers, Sydney’s leading Strata Law firm, providing specialised legal services for the strata, development, construction and the insurance industry focusing on group title structures.

David is a qualified lawyer. He is an Accredited Property Law Specialist with the Law Society of New South Wales and has over 15 years extensive experience in all aspects of property law and building litigation.

David has a keen interest in education and training. He demonstrates his commitment by regularly presenting education seminars to strata managers, developers, insurers, lawyers, experts, certifiers, and other stakeholders in the strata industry.

His experience of these industries and in the courts enables him to identify and cost effective practical legal solutions and training in developments in the law in a practical and helpful way.


  • LPAB Dip.Law
  • Graduate Diploma of Law (Sydney)
  • Accredited Specialist in Property Law (NSW)
  • CPP40516 – Certificate IV in Strata Community Management
  • CPP30416 – Certificate III in Strata Community Management
  • TAE40116 Qualified Trainer and Assessor – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate of Accreditation – SCA NSW Fellow Strata Service Provider FSSP – Level 2
  • Member of the Law Society (NSW)
  • Member of Australian College of Community Association Lawyers Inc (ACCAL)
  • Member of Standards Australia Committee BD-085 Inspection of Buildings
  • Chairman of the Policy and Legislation Committee – Strata Community Australia (NSW) 2010 – 2023


  • 2023 – Winner of the Greg Haywood Presidents Award (Strata Community Australia Industry Awards for Excellence)
  • 2014 – Winner of the Max Dunn Award (Strata Community Australia Industry Awards for Excellence)

Lectured to

  • Architects
  • Australian College of Community Association Lawyers
  • Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
  • Australian Institute of Builders
  • Builders and MBA
  • City of Sydney Law Society
  • Lawyers, Experts, Certifiers, Strata Managers and Lot Owners
  • Strata Community Australia (NSW)
  • Real Estate Institute of New South Wales
  • Television Education Network
  • The College of Law
  • The Law Society of New South Wales
  • University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law Continuing Legal Education


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