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By-Law FAQ ebook

Getting the hang of strata living can be a bit of a puzzle, let alone finding a way to understand how the by-laws work in your building.

The Bannermans By-Laws FAQ ebook provides a comprehensive guide to address the frequently asked questions from strata managers and owners on everything by-laws!

In this e-book, we delve into the ten most commonly asked questions, starting from the very basic concept of “What is a by-law?” to detailed explanation on invalid by-laws. The questions addressed in this e-book include:

  1. What is a “by-law”?
  2. What are the typical by-laws that strata schemes usually adopt?
  3. What is the way to enforce a by-law?
  4. What by-laws are typically invalid?
  5. What happens if the by-law is invalid or partially invalid?
  6. When should and why do strata schemes review and amend by-laws?
  7. How do you make or revoke a by-law?
  8. How do you make a renovation by-law?
  9. What is a sustainability infrastructure by-law?
  10. How do you register a by-law?
  11. How can we help?

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