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This parking behaviour is creating a nuisance and we thought we made a by-law to avoid this?

Strata, By-Laws

Posted 30 March 2023

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Who Let the Termites in?

By-Laws, Levy Recovery, Management Agreements

Posted 30 September 2021

Whilst the most common strata building defects are still generally water ingress from defective membranes and window sealants as well as the fire and life safety non-compliances we are now also seeing…

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Who wants Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging and who should pay?


Posted 05 April 2022

With the current rise in fuel prices affecting Australia, the demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) is at an all-time high. Discussion around EV charging are attracting all sorts of attention as recently …

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Preventing Pesky Parking = $ for the Owners Corporation

Strata, By-Laws, NCAT and Court Proceedings

Posted 16 July 2022

Pesky parking practices by owners and occupiers can be a nightmare for strata schemes. However, this source of stress can be translated into a source of revenue for a savvy owners corporation.…

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By-Laws: Referee won’t blow the whistle?

Strata, By-Laws, Building Defects

Posted 15 March 2022

A sporting game can become an ugly affair when the referee blows the whistle for every infringement, seems to be blowing it in favour of one team or fails to blow it all. It works the same way with en…

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The Do’s and Don’ts in By-Law Drafting: How Far can an Unenforceable By-Law take you?

Strata, By-Laws

Posted 02 March 2022

The very nature of strata ownership and its close proximity of living environment increases the likelihood of disputes occurring and it is common to see that many owners corporations take a proactive …

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Partitioning – When tenancy in common is not working

By-Laws, Building Defects, Renovations, Urban Renewal, Conveyancing

Posted 15 September 2021

It is not uncommon for co-owners to have disputes over property. When these disputes occur, a co-owner may apply to the Supreme Court for the property to be held on the statutory trust for sale or par…

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New Pet Reform Laws Commenced on 24 August 2021: Why you may need a new By-Law

Strata, By-Laws

Posted 25 August 2021

Amendments to the Strata Management Schemes Act 2015 (NSW) (SSMA) and its regulations came into effect on 24 August 2021. These changes significantly move the legal position on pets from the recent Co…

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