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Category: Home Owners Warranty

Difficulties Getting a Contractor’s License or HOWI

Construction, Planning Approvals, Home Owners Warranty

Posted 17 March 2016

The Home Building Act 1989 operates in many unexpected ways, for instance a lot of its focus is on managing insurance risk of Builders as opposed to managing quality of construction. A glaring exam…

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Cannot get Home Warranty Insurance – What can you do?

Strata, Building Defects, Renovations, Home Owners Warranty, Residential Building Works

Posted 16 February 2016

Anecdotally, we understand that SiCorp trading as the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF), the insurer who administers and underwrites insurance under the HBCF (formerly known as Home Owners Warran…

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Insurance in Construction – Are you really covered?

Strata, Building Defects, Construction, Contracts, Home Owners Warranty, Public Liability

Posted 09 April 2015

Construction entails many risks to a builder by virtue of its occupation, control and/or ownership of the site. The risks include personal injury or death to persons and damage or destruction of prope…

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Home Warranty Insurance – Why is it such a mess?

Home Owners Warranty

Posted 11 February 2015

Home warranty insurance remains one of the most complex liability products on the market to deal with due to the constant interplay with legislative reform, some of which is retrospective and some of …

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When the Home Warranty Insurers come knocking

Home Owners Warranty, Residential Building Works

Posted 06 March 2014

Home warranty insurers in NSW have paid out over $400 million since 2002. Premiums would have been only a fraction of that. It is a small wonder that private insurers want out, and that for the forese…

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Incomplete Works – 20% or 40% Insurance Payout?

Home Owners Warranty

Posted 05 December 2012

Due to tough economic times for the construction industry, the number of home owners warranty insurance claims for incomplete works has dramatically increased. The amendment to the Home Building Re…

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Excess Claims in Building Defect Insurance Claims

Home Owners Warranty

Posted 23 June 2010

Clarification of excess for a common property HOW claim. …

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