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Strata Disputes Advice

Dispute Dilemmas? We’ve got your solution!

With mediation and NCAT hearings on the rise in NSW, there has never been a better time to understand your strata resolution process. Knowing your options and addressing issues early can often reduce the emotional and financial stress involved in a neighbourly dispute.

Bannermans Strata Dispute Advice (SDA) is a letter of advice from our resolution team, offering our clients the options and guidance on how to deal with your dispute dilemma. For a small fee understand your options, the process and your strata rights!

Strata Disputes Advice (SDA) – What’s included:

  • LEGAL advice on your dispute
  • PRACTICAL advice on your dispute
  • Suggested options moving forward
  • Your strata resolution process

Your Strata Resolution Process

  1. Advice: Step 1 of your strata resolution process is your Strata Disputes Advice (SDA) which includes both legal and practical advice on your dispute options. Know your rights when it comes to strata!
  2. Letter of Demand: Step 2 of your strata resolution process is drafting a letter of demand (LOD). The LOD is created to pass onto the strata manager to give the owners corporation and your strata manager a further opportunity to respond and address your strata dispute in the strata scheme. This letter applies the correct amount of pressure to encourage a solution to address the issue of the lot owner. We also like to pair this with a mediation application to ensure your letter is taken more seriously and addressed as soon as possible.
  3. Mediation: Step 3 of your strata resolution process is mediation. This mediation is conducted by NSW Fair Trading and provides an informal, confidential environment for you to discuss your dispute with a representative of the owners corporation. There is no charge involved with mediation unless you would like us to attend with or for you. The mediation process is now always done via phone and if an agreement is agreed upon then the mediator will provide the agreed final decisions in writing for your records following the session.
  4. Tribunal Hearings: The final step of your strata resolution process (if not resolved in an earlier step) is to file an application in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal seeking orders to address your dispute. We complete and file your application, create, and file written submissions and evidence, attend the directions hearing (if required) and if needed lodge and take you through the process too! The purpose of filing an application is to apply the correct amount of pressure to the owners corporation and your strata manager to resolve the dispute or be exposed to further financial liability in terms of legal costs. Hopefully, this will also provide the owners corporation or your strata manager with the incentive to try and resolve the dispute without further cost to either party.

We understand that some disputes are frustrating and stressful, so we aim to achieve the best result possible in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Are you ready to resolve your strata dispute?

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