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Encroaching Walls – What can you do?

Strata, Easements

Posted 24 November 2022

The recent decision in Hickey v The Owners Strata Plan 78825 [2022] NSWLEC 135 gave consideration to the characterisation of the Encroaching and Adjacent Owner under the Encroachment of Buildings Act …

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The De-Stressing Provision: What does the Recent Changes in Regulated Designs Order 2022 mean to Ground Anchors under neighbouring property?


Posted 15 February 2024

In a previous article Rock Anchor Easement or Deed? we wrote about the introduction of the Design and Building Practitioners - Particulars for Regulated Designs Order 2021, which came into effect on 1…

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What’s an easement worth between neighbours?

Strata, Easements

Posted 03 August 2020

Question: What is the definition of an easement? Answer: An easement gives a right to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specific purpose.…

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What’s a crane between neighbours worth?

Strata, Building Defects, Easements

Posted 02 May 2018

Question: Are developers required to seek consent from adjoining owners prior to operating cranes over your property? Answer: The land owner of a non-strata title building or the owners co…

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Getting Access to Adjoining Land

Development Contracting, Easements

Posted 09 April 2015

Property owners proposing to carry out works may need access to an adjoining property. This can be temporary or permanent and can be for a variety of reasons, e.g. routing of storm water and services …

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Are you affected by an Encroachment?

Development Contracting, Easements

Posted 15 August 2014

Many land owners are faced with the issue of what to do with an encroachment. An encroachment can occur where part of a building from one piece of land overhangs or enters on to a neighbouring block o…

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Crane Airspace Licences

Urban Renewal, Easements

Posted 29 August 2012

Owners corporations are from time to time approached by developers carrying out developments on adjoining or nearby sites, requesting a licence to operate a crane over the owners corporation's propert…

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