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Yet another building fire likely a result of Combustible Cladding – United Arab Emirates High-Rise Tower

Posted 07 May 2020

Category: Building Defects

On Tuesday, 5 May 2020, residents had to flee the 48-storey Abbco Tower in Sharjah as a result of the building catching fire, with flames shooting up the sides of the building.  Reports say that the fire caused flaming debris to spray neighbouring parking lots and left metal siding littered on surrounding streets.

Luckily, there were no fatalities. Although it has not yet officially been confirmed, building and safety experts believe that the reason for the fire was aluminium composite panel cladding (ACP).

This is the latest in the long line of fires, including the London Grenfell Tower and the Melbourne La Crosse Tower, which have led to the New South Wales Governments task force and local Councils issuing fire orders demanding the removal of ACP on affected buildings.

Despite many delays in the construction industry and complying with Court orders for evidence due to COVID-19, these Council orders are still in place. Bannermans Lawyers has written to Councils this week on behalf of clients requesting more time to comply with these orders.

Although the majority of the world is still in lockdown, this latest fire will serve as a reminder to owners, builders and regulators everywhere that, particularly now when everyone is spending more time in their homes, the need to replace defective cladding on unit buildings is still as vital and relevant as it ever was.


Bannermans Lawyers

Published 07 May 2020

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